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Propose a Research Partnership

Would you like to develop a partnership with us to research the human rights abuses and development needs of sexual and gender minorities in YOUR nation state or region?

ReportOUT warmly welcome partnerships with activists, campaigners and organisations in different nations states to work with us to research, document and inform the human rights abuses and development needs of gender and sexual minorities. This may be a country report about a nation state, or a more thematic research project examining a particular issue within a country.


Read more about how this works, below...

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First, our shared values:


At ReportOUT, we follow the Amsterdam Network Guiding Principles, which were born out of concern that an advocacy community in one country should not speak for groups in another country, without a clear and informed mandate to do so. It sets out clear guidance about how we at ReportOUT, work as an organisation with others in different nation states and parts of the globe.

We have also recently signed the Affirmation of Feminist Principles Letter, with which organizations and individuals from across the world come together to emphasize our shared belief that to achieve justice, equality and liberation, we must combat and dismantle the patriarchal systems of power which continue to oppress and exclude many of us.


We are guided by these principles in everything we do, especially in our research and partnership working.

How do ReportOUT work with our research partners?

When ReportOUT develop research partnerships with activists, campaigners, and organisations, we have three key values:


  1. We work with partners who approach us and who want to work in partnership with us. We do not get involved with nation states until we are approached by organisations and individuals who want to work with us.

  2. We all agree a clear and informed mandate for ReportOUT to speak with partners, not for them.

  3. We work in our research partnerships to ensure that the development needs of sexual and gender minorities are also addressed in our research thinking. Our research is framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (insert link to our page on website). We include this, as we recognise that human rights and international development needs, are deeply linked.


Interested in working with us on a research project?

Step One: Read our New Partner Pack. This details who we are, how we work with partners and each party's roles and responsibilities. Based on this, consider whether ReportOUT is the right partner for your project.

Step Two: If you think you or your organisation would benefit from a partnership with ReportOUT, please complete our Partnership Proposal Form.

Step Three: ReportOUT is currently considering projects for launch in the first half of 2024. We will be in touch during December to discuss proposals of interest but will not be able to start until the new year.  Please consider these timelines prior to submitting an application. ReportOUT will assess all proposals against the fit with our 3-year Strategic Plan and the current capacity of our Research team. Further details of our approach can be found within the New Partner pack.  


You can see examples of our partnership working with organisations who have previously, our are currently, engaged in research projects. These are partnerships with organisations from a wide variety of nation states such as: Uganda, Zimbabwe, Belize, Morocco, Mongolia and Ethiopia.

What next?

Contact us via the email address in the New Partner Pack, and we will be in touch soon.

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